It's Never Just About The Food!

We all know it's important to eat more vegetables, cut down on the junk food and get more exercise, but knowing and doing are two different things. It's often those deep-rooted beliefs and learned behaviors that get in the way of good self care. That's why Dr. Katherine Oldfield and Michelle Babb founded Vibrant Life. It was born out of a joint vision to create innovative guided wellness programs that help people make sustainable lifestyle changes. These group programs allow people with common goals and similar challenges to come together, share their experiences, and receive professional guidance that leads to transformation from the inside out.


Optimal You - October 12

What women REALLY want to know about sexy, healthy, mindful living

A daylong seminar focusing on:

  • Mindfulness and body awareness
  • Anti-inflammatory eating and weight loss
  • Healthy hormone balance

Seminar Cancelled

This seminar is cancelled. Please contact Michelle Babb via Eat Play Be or Katherine Oldfield at West Seattle Natural Medicine for individual appointments.